Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's all work together now, shall we?

Let's all work together now, shall we?

The time change is really fucking with me this time around. I'm only sleeping in fits and spurts and while the days seem to stretch on beyond their reasonable boundaries time itself seems to be hurling along unchecked. It's a weird suspended in amber type of feeling. Amber on a bullet train across an arctic summer maybe? Not weather-wise, just disorientation-wise.

Today I took charge and got up at 6 a.m., which to my body felt like 5 a.m., and though I'm usually up not much later than that the shift to the slightly earlier time is surprisingly difficult. I've mastered the art of needing very little sleep over the years, and it's been ages since I needed to sleep in after a late bedtime, but there does seem to be a pre-dawn line my body doesn't want to pass when it comes to meeting a new day for the first time.

Luckily I've been putting my body through a bit of a re-org, so I'm trying to view this internally as just another step towards recalibration. I started watching my diet again about a month ago to shed the winter pounds that snuck onto my frame despite loyal visits to the gym and though there aren't many to lose I can already feel the positive effects of paying more attention to what I eat.

So I'm hoping that if I can just convince this fucked up circadian rhythm that existing in a window an hour earlier is just another step mind and body have to take together it'll be more accepting since it's accompanied by some obviously positive changes.

Hey, I can smell my coffee's ready, so, later.

Image of Hypnos taken by Bryan Jones


McTodds said...

I am suffering from the same issue this time change. I have lived w/o an alarm clock for almost 10 years. I can typically just tell myself to wake-up at 7 and it happens. Today everyone in the house slept in til 8: Rick, Harper, and our dog. Harper was late to school. Rick and I were late to work, Lily got an abreviated walk, and we are going to set an alarm for tomorrow morning.

Tankboy said...

Sounds very familiar!