Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The hidden holiday behind St. Patrick's Day ... revealed!

The hidden holiday behind St. Patrick's Day ... revealed!

St Patrick's Day is awesome and all -- who doesn't love drinking beer and eating corned beef until they explode?* -- but it actually marks another very important date in the calendar year: the end of Gym Resolutionary Season!

Resolutionaries usually start falling off two-thirds of the way through February, but St. Patrick's Day, with it's multiple days of drinking since folks stretch it out to the weekend before or after the actual day, delivers the knock-out punch. The resulting hangover -- be it induced by drink or food -- strips away the last vestiges of any sort of dedication to visits to the gym.

This is aided by the usually burst of nice weather, allowing Resolutionaries to put gym visits on hold by deluding themselves into thinking they will continue their physical activity in the great outdoors. Of course by the time the weather is consistently nice enough for these folks to actually work out in the great outdoors, they've lost all steam and coast into the Summer Street Festival Season ... until next December when the cumulative results of the preceding months cause them to take up the Resolutionary banner and assault people like me all over again!

*Actually let's admit it, St. Patrick's Day is almost as annoying as New Year's Eve. Actually, it's more so, primarily because on NYE most people have the decency to at least dress up and attempt to act like adults at some point in the evening, while on St. Pat's everyone wears ridiculous clothes, throws glitter and whatnot all over, and drinks full throttle before even leaving the house. Fucking amateurs. Does this stop me from going out though? Of course not.

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rachelle said...

Good. I'm going to the gym tonight. I hope NO ONE is there.