Tuesday, February 09, 2010

TankBird rising!

TankBird rising!

Back in the early days of our world, when the young planet was still steaming in it's own volcanic afterbirth, spasming and shuddering as it violently took its shape, there was a single being. This precursor to life as we know it grew proud because it was perfect, so from on high came a lightning bolt to cleave this perfect creature into two complementary halves. These two new beings were ripped from each other's company and thrown to opposite sides of the planet, but destiny promised they would one day reunite.

This day has come.

Tonight, at The Burlington, TankBird will come together in perfect unity to solve all the world's problems, bathe the attended congregation in their demi-god glow, and play a lot of fun music that may just change the course of the world as we know it (or at least the course of the evening as we know it).*

*Shorthand? Lizz and I are DJing tonight. We'll be joined behind the mixer by by our friends Mike and Phil and it should be awesome.

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Lizz said...

It WILL be awesome!