Wednesday, February 10, 2010

insert "fabulous" photo here.

insert "fabulous" photo here.

i have to admit that there is a certain kind of blog that tends to annoy me.
they write them likethis.
and are usually filled with photos
of people having a "fabulous time."
or of people being "artsy."
when done right, it can be really direct and good.
and they tend to be written by folks who did it first.
most others are just overly rubbed carbon paper.
look, if you want to write, write.
do it in any way that works for you.
i'm cool with that.

but i reserve the right to be annoyed by it.
in fact if it weren't for bloggers sharing your posts via RSS i would never see these posts.

but the bloggers that share them tend to be male, and they like to share posts of girls in their underwear.


i have nothing against girls in their underwear.
i've spent a good portion of my adult life trying to see girls in underwear!
but jeez, if you're gonna call yourself a writer, WRITE.

am i just being a crank?
or do i have a point?


jessica said...

total crank!

though i don't think tony posts photos of himself in underwear so there's already holes in your logic.

maybe he doesn't post photos of himself in his underoos because they have holes...

Tankboy said...

Ah, but Tony DOES share LOADS of posts of girls in their undies in Google Reader , so there. Hee.

And if you notice, I did link him as one of the rare ones who does do this particular style well.

raymi lauren said...

you should totally blog about me more

Tankboy said...

I shall consider it, since you were the other example of people "doing it right."

Not sure how I could outblog you on the topic of you though...

Gage said...

you have a point. But, personally I don't write with other people in mind because nobody much reads it anyway...EXCEPT when there is a hint or a possibility of a photo that might be revealing... then the numbers go way UP.

Tankboy said...

See, and it's the folks that seem to rely on those photos and one to two lines of text at a time that bug me.

Obviously since I'm a regular reader of your blog I don't hold you in that camp.

And on the other side are the bloggers who compose novels and end every single post with a question. Again, it CAN be done well, it just rarely is.

rachelle said...

i try to be somewhere in the middle.. although, i've had very few photos of girls in panties. only one, that I recall, and it was me in hotpants.

Jessica said...

i don't follow anyone in google reader maybe i should start