Thursday, July 31, 2008



Still here. Tuesday I took full advantage of that 12-hour period after you lose your job when everyone is treating you incredibly nicely and buying you so many drinks it's a marvel you make it home okay. Yesterday I worked on shaping up my resume with Photogal before heading with LadyFriend to an afternoon showing of the "new" Indiana Jones flick (the jury's still out on what I think of it, though I didn't dislike it). Last night I realized that if I actually "took a mini vacation to catch on my reading and my DVD watching" I would bore myself to tears in under 24 hours. So today I start the job hunt while also doing the last bit of prep work for the Chicagoist Lollapalooza coverage.

Speaking of which, who else is going to Lolla? Who are you seeing? Going to any after-parties or late shows afterward each day?

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